Homeless Awareness Weekend

This year’s Hunger & Homeless Awareness Weekend is November 13- 15, 2015.

NHHAW-TWITTER-SIZE National Hunger & Homeless Awareness is an annual event held the week before Thanksgiving.  It’s a movement that seeks to spread awareness about hunger and to end homelessness. This movement asks those participating to reflect on what they are thankful for and to show compassion for those living in lack. It is a time where groups can join together and work towards an end to homelessness and hunger. The goal of National Homeless & Hunger Awareness Week is to “eradicate homelessness by solving the root cause of it.” This year’s week will focus on the various laws passed around the country to limit those experiencing homelessness from “life- sustaining activities”.

National Hunger & Homeless wants to pressure lawmakers into decriminalizing homelessness and coming up with permanent solutions that makes our nation greater. Lawmakers, like the general public, have to be educated on the underlying causes of homelessness and focus new policy on permanent solutions. There must be a change in how we speak about the homeless and a national discourse on the new reality of being homeless in America. The diversity of groups who are experiencing homelessness and the laws that prevent them from moving ahead, need to enter the conversation. Improved policy will positively impact the lives of both service providers and homeless persons. Joining this national movement affords the opportunity to ignite national systemic change.

photo_10 Homelessness awareness 2010

Here, in the Greater Attleboro Area, we are very proud that the youth have answered the call for change and awareness. Several of the local churches are bringing members of their youth groups to participate in Homeless Awareness Weekend. The youth will build a tent city on Mason Field in North Attleboro and stay there over the weekend, putting themselves in the position of the homeless. They will rely on the kindness of others as they request donations and food. They start the weekend Friday, November 13th,  with a service at Evangelical Covenant Church in Attleboro. All are invited to attend the service, which starts at 7 p.m. From the church they will go to the field to prepare their homes for the weekend.  There will be volunteers from the community to help out and keep watch. The group invites all to stop by the site throughout the weekend.

Evangelical Covenant Church is located at 841 North Main Street in 
Attleboro, MA 02703. 

Pictures are from previous Homeless Awareness Weekends.

For more information about the Attleboro Area Homeless Awareness Weekend please contact Sue Smith at the Attleboro Area Council of Churches, 508-222-2933. 

Please stop by and support the efforts to raise homeless awareness.