Souper Bowl of Caring January 8 – February 5, 2017

Help and join us in raising awareness and funds for the hungry in our local area.  

Will you please help by inviting your congregation, business or group to take up a collection on or near Super Bowl Sunday?  

How can you help?

*Raise money for Food n’ Friends by putting out a can or pot from January 8 – February 5

     (food can be purchased from the Greater Boston Food Bank for less than 40 cents per     pound)     

            *Accept canned goods to donate to Food n’ Friends for the kitchens and emergency food

Every penny collected can be donated directly to Food n’ Friends . The Souper Bowl of Caring will help show us the impact our individual efforts have made as they keep a national tally and share it on their website  


To learn more about Food n Friends Souper Bowl of Caring visit our Souper Bowl of Caring page at  If you would like to donate on line please go to “Promote” and make an online donation

Thank you for your help.