Chauvin verdict is the start to more unity

To the editor (The Sun Chronicle):

Derek Chauvin was held accountable for murdering George Floyd. That’s how the system is supposed to work.

We are relieved that the jury rendered a just verdict for an unjust action by the former police officer.

Thanks to a “bouquet of humanity;” police command staff, police officers, firefighters, teenagers, children, activists, protracted protests, elected officials, skilled attorneys, and a preponderance of the evidence, the right outcome was reached. But equal justice under the law shouldn’t take all of that to work.

The Chauvin verdict is a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t represent a pattern of justice … yet. We need a system of justice that doesn’t require the involvement of the entire world to assure an outcome.

We celebrate this historic moment and recognize the need for continued work to assure a fair and just system for all.

The horror of George Floyd’s murder is a symptom of the larger horror of systemic racism in America.

As people of faith, we are called to the work of love and justice, including the call to dismantle and bring an end to racial discrimination. All are invited to help build the Beloved Community right here on earth, where all people are truly welcome, all are truly equal, all are truly valued.

Rev. Cheryl Harris, President, GAIN (Greater Attleboro Interfaith Network)
Rev. Robin Woods-Barrant, John Wesley AME Zion Church, North Attleboro
Rev. Gretchen Weis, Murray Unitarian Universalist Church, Attleboro
Rev. Bert Cote, Attleboro Area Interfaith Collaborative
Dr. Umer Akbar, The Islamic Center of Greater Attleboro
Rev. Carole L. Baker, Central Congregational Church, Attleboro Falls, UCC
Rev. Doug Bixby, Evangelical Covenant Church, Attleboro
Rev. Delphain Demosthenes, Memorial Baptist Church, Seekonk
Rev. Wayne Earl, Second Congregational Church Attleboro
Rev. Dr. John Fisk, Pastor Emeritus, First Baptist Church, Attleboro
Rev. Jewel Hardmon
Rev. David Hill, retired, Centenary United Methodist Church, Attleboro
Rev. John Keogh, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Attleboro
Rev. Dr. Ruth E. Shaver, Interim Pastor and Teacher, The Congregational Church of Mansfield, UCC
Bishop William E Stout Jr., Living Word of Life Ministries, Attleboro
Rev. Kelly Thibeault, First Congregational Church, UCC (Oldtown), North Attleboro
Rev. Chris Wall, Evangelical Covenant Church, Attleboro
Rabbi Alex Weissman, Congregation Agudas Achim, Attleboro
The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Committee of Greater Attleboro