Food n’ Friends

The mission of the Food n’ Friends Program is to provide emergency, hot, nutritious meals to those in need.  All are welcome to share the meal and fellowship with others.  The Food n’ Friends program of the Attleboro Area Interfaith Collaborative, 501c(3), serves over 26,876 hot meals a year to the hungry in six daily kitchens a week, three Family Cafes a month, and five Kids Summer Cafes in the parks through the summers. The free Daily Kitchens serve the Attleboro, North Attleboro, Seekonk, Rehoboth, Norton, and Mansfield communities.

Food n’ Friends kitchens do not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, physical disability, national or ethnic origin, and no proselytizing is permitted.

The kitchens are run with the combined effort of 500 plus volunteers from churches, synagogues, businesses, social services, youth groups, community human service organizations and community members, and one part time employee.

Food n’ Friends Kitchens also serve as a critical contact point between people who might need other services and volunteers trained to give them assistance in finding these services.


AAIC FNF Brochure 2019



3 thoughts on “Food n’ Friends

  1. Dear fellow laborer in Christ,

    Greetings to you in the name of our savior Jesus Christ and soon coming king.

    It is with heart burden that I writing to you, BRETHEN. As you a awhere that our country Dominica was devastated by storm Erika and the island has plunge into a state of shortage of is in this manner am asking your assistant in the pociblity of donation of ration to elevate the lack of food and water.

    I beseech you please if you can ask your Church and neighboring Churches and neighborhood to be kind enough in this venture. We need food stuff of all kind, water, and households items, clothes will not be a necessity for now.

    As to the shipping if ever you get the donations I will organized to get it down to Dominica. Let me know what’s you input.

    Brethren I don’t want to sound as that am asking to much of you but God have also given me a vision for my people through the passing of the Storm Erika. This vision has the potential of growing into a huge ministry of which you can be proud of that God has use you in fulfilling his will in mission.

    I am the pastor David Elizee of H.O.L.S.O.M (household of life social ministries) and pastor of the Grace Baptist Church in Clifton commonwealth of Dominica.

    For feather information please contact me at: TEL. 1767 275 5000 or email:

    Thanks in advanced, and God bless.







    pastor David. M. Elizee

  2. Hello, I am looking for a place my family and I can donate some time on Thanksgiving Day. I was wondering if you need any help, setting up, serving or cleaning up after the meal you offer on Thanksgiving Day. Thank you for your time

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