Chaplaincy Program

The Attleboro Area Interfaith Collaborative provides a chaplaincy program to meet the needs of any person being treated or on staff at Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attleboro, MA.

The Work of the Chaplain

The Chaplaincy Program supports the philosophy of total patient care expressed by Sturdy Memorial Hospital.  This philosophy seeks to include the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of all patients.


  • Work as members of the hospital team.
  • Are sensitive and highly trained listeners who attend to the human and spiritual needs of patients and staff.
  • May offer prayer and/or sacraments when requested.
  • Are helpful with family counseling and crisis intervention in the Intensive Care Unit and the Emergency Care Center.
  • Provide reassurance and moral support for staff when difficult issues arise.
  • Have additional credentials beyond those of a general pastor.
  • Will notify local religious leaders at the patient’s request.

Our Mission

A person is taken to the hospital for emergency surgery. A chaplain is there to support family members in a time of anxiety and uncertainty. A patient who has no local church affiliation asks a chaplain to visit and receives help with a troubling spiritual issue. Another patient faces a long road to recovery and appreciates the help of a chaplain to find hope within his own faith tradition. Chaplains demonstrate a ministry of respect for human dignity, an appreciation for different faith traditions, a dedication to justice and mercy, and an incarnation of love and hope. They represent a God of compassion who desires wholeness in human life. 

Patient Confidentiality

Patients are asked on admission to the hospital to give permission for a chaplain to visit them and for their own church pastor to be notified of their hospitalization.  In order that as many patients as possible are referred for pastoral care, it is important that patients respond affirmatively to these questions.

Financial Support

The Ministry of the Interfaith Chaplain is supported by gifts to the Attleboro Area Interfaith Collaborative. Churches, Individuals, community organizations, and businesses may donate to this important ministry by sending a check with Chaplaincy indicated to the Attleboro Area Interfaith Collaborative