About Us

We are a network of Churches and volunteers focused on serving those in need; families, children, homeless, hungry, elderly, and ill.

  • To meet the emergency food needs of this region, we run 6 free daily kitchens, three Family Cafes, and 3 Summer Kids Cafes.
  • For spiritual care during illness we employ a Chaplain at Sturdy Memorial Hospital.
  • The Council of Churches is often first responder, meeting an extraordinarily wide range of human needs like diapers for a desperate mother, a train ticket, a night of shelter, shoes, heat, utilities, all given with a focus on personal attention, guidance and coordination with available area resources.

We welcome ALL denominations and people to join us in our work.

One thought on “About Us

  1. Hi there,

    Reverend Vernon Wright directed me to you-all and to GAIN. I’m Sean, I’m an out-of-work English professor and I’m really interested in getting involved with community outreach. I have pretty extensive writing and researching skills, if you need those, and I’m happy to help out in any other way that I’m able. I’m a secular humanist, more or less, if that matters, and not affiliated with any particular church or religion. You can email me or call any time at 508-851-0848.


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