Stretching a Budget

For many of the area’s poorest residents, there generally are multiple needs to fill. Food, housing and utility bills stretch already thin household budgets to the limit.

Fortunately, a network of public service agencies and volunteers are often able to point folks to resources in the Attleboro area, including Food n’ Friends, a program of the Attleboro Area Interfaith Collaborative.

On a recent Tuesday, Mansfield resident Julio, 44, sat down with others to enjoy an afternoon meal at the First Baptist Church.

“My wife and I have been coming for a good while,” said Julio who says the kitchen helps them to stretch their food dollar. “When we were applying for fuel assistance, someone there told us about it. We’ve been coming ever since. It helps us to survive.”

Limited income is a problem for Julio and his wife, so they save where they can. A nutritious meal surrounded by friendly folks is a welcome prospect.

“The meals are good and it’s a great place to meet people,” he says.