Life is Good

For Julia, who attends several soup kitchens around the Attleboro area, Food n’ Friends Kitchen is an opportunity to help out as well as benefit from nutritious meals.

“I love volunteering my time,” says Julia, 62, a former Mansfield resident who now lives in New Bedford. Her grandchildren, who live in North Attleboro, keep her connected to the area.

“Life is good.”

Sometimes, she brings her grandkids treats, like the frosted donuts she was able to pick up at the kitchen at the First Baptist Church of Mansfield.

Over the years, Julia has done any number of chores from packaging food to mopping the floor.

“Just whatever needs to be done,” she says.

It makes her feel good, she says, to see so many people benefiting from the meals served by the kitchen as with the noisy, genial crowd that gathered on Tuesday.

“We need to have people come so that we can continue to have a food kitchen,” she said. “I urge people to come with their family and friends.”