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Many families in our community go without proper food every day due to a variety of factors including low wages, job loss, injuries, illness, domestic violence, or divorce. Costs such as rent or mortgage, car insurance, prescriptions, and utilities are static and often require payment at the beginning of the month.

To stretch resources, families are often forced to drastically cut back on food expenditures, resulting in skipped meals, poor nutrition and hunger, with the last week of the month often being the most critically affected. Survey findings identified families with children as dramatically underserved due to a variety of factors, including fear of a soup kitchen environment, lack of knowledge of available resources, being unable to attend available kitchens due to the time of day they run, and reluctance to admit need.

This group requires a child-friendly, safe, supportive, more private, nurturing environment, available at a time and day that is feasible for them to attend, to be able to access the emergency food and assistance that they need.

The Attleboro Area Interfaith Collaboratives Food n’ Friends has three Family Cafés,  specifically designed to be welcoming to children and accessible to families in need. By using a framework of a family outing, a fun evening with free kids activities, free food and resource assistance, Food n’ Friends Family Cafes create a safe, fun, confidential and supportive atmosphere.  Food n’ Friends Kitchens always provide nutritious, quality, well-balanced meals with vegetables and fresh produce served at every meal. With the understanding that the last week of the month is the most critical for hunger, two of the Family Cafés are on the second and last Wednesday of each month. The newest Cafe is on the last Sunday of each month at the Attleboro YMCA.  Access to community and state resources are available at the Food n’ Friends Family Cafés with a resource worker present to aid families in identifying their needs and connecting them to appropriate community and state resources. 

This relationship-based, positive assistance provides help and empowerment on the road back to independence and security, placing another net to help stop the downward spiral into homelessness.

The Family Cafés offer a free dinner for families of all shapes and sizes who need help stretching their food budget. 

All families are welcomed to a safe, child-friendly atmosphere where a delicious dinner is served. Fun activities are provided for the children and a number of resources are available for their caregivers. All adults MUST be accompanied by a child 18 years old or younger.

If you need a ride to Sunday’s Family Cafe, free UBER services are available through the Community Access to Rides (C.A.R.) Program. One can call either Attleboro Area Interfaith Collaborative (Mon- Thurs 10 am- 3 pm) 508-222-2933 or Attleboro YMCA at 508-490-0774. If calling the YMCA on Sundays from 3 pm – 5pm please state “need a ride”. 


2nd Wednesday of the Month 

Second Congregational Church 

50 Park Street

Attleboro, MA

Dinner Served at 5:30


Last Wednesday of the Month 

Evangelical Covenant Church 

841 North Main Street

Attleboro, MA

Dinner Served at 5:30

Last Sunday of the Month

Attleboro YMCA

63 North Main St.

Attleboro, MA 

Dinner Served at 5:30pm 


2018 Dates

                                 October 10         November 14          December 12       

September 26          October 24        November 25          December 26- closed 

September 30          October 28        November 28           December 30


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  1. Hi, I am writing a paper on Childhood hunger and the National School Lunch Program when our next assignment is on private agency that help childhood hunger, I am to find out your mission and how you fund your program. The program here that I find interesting is the Family Café, what an wonderful way to help those who are in need of a good nutritious meal. here is a couple of question if you do not mind helping me know more about your program

    How does your program privately fund the Family Cafe? What means do you use to secure private funding?

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