Family Café

Many families in our community go without daily food due to a variety of factors including low wages, job loss, injuries, illness, domestic violence, or divorce. Costs such as rent or mortgage, car insurance, prescriptions, and utilities are static and often require payment at the beginning of the month.

To stretch resources, families often drastically cut back on food expenditures, resulting in skipped meals, poor nutrition and hunger, with the last week of the month often being the most critically affected. Survey findings identified families with children as dramatically underserved. Families require a child-friendly, safe and supportive environment, available at a time of the day that is feasible for them to attend.

Food n’ Friends has three Family Cafés that use a framework of a family outing, a fun evening with free food and activities. Nutritious, quality, well-balanced meals with vegetables and fresh produce are served at every meal. Fun activities are provided for the children and a number of resources available for their caregivers. All adults MUST be accompanied by a child 18 years old or younger.


Enjoy a FREE delicious and nutritious meal that your whole family will enjoy. Each Family Café also provides fun, kid activities. Adults must be accompanied by a child 18-years-old or younger.

No registration is required.


Last WEDNESDAY of the month

Evangelical Covenant Church

841 North Main St., Attleboro

(508) 226-6221

Dinner served at 5:30pm


Second WEDNESDAY of the month

Second Congregational Church

50 Park St., Attleboro

(508) 222-2933

Dinner served at 5:30pm


Last SUNDAY of the month

Attleboro YMCA

63 North Main St., Attleboro

(508) 222-2933

Dinner served at 5:30pm

Doors open at 4pm. You can go swimming until it is time to eat. You can use the gyms. You can play in the playrooms. Your can play on the outdoor playground. All this is FREE to children and their families when attending the Family Café.


Call ahead to check on the availability of FREE Uber transportation to the Family Cafés.

  • Attleboro Area Interfaith Collaborative, (508) 222-2933, Monday – Thursday, 10am – 3pm                                    
  • Attleboro YMCA, (508) 409-0774 (site specific)


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